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About Us

Founded by Cecile Loedolff, a world renowned art curator in South Africa, The Silver Tassel provides exclusive gifts and luxury bath and beauty products that are fit for a queen.

  The Silver Tassel  

The Silver Tassel strives to create different and exclusive gifts for the connoisseur. Our products are locally made and proudly South African. The fragrances used in our products are imported from France - the world leader in perfumery and well-known for their quality.

Founded by Cecile Loedolff, who has worked for more than 30 years in the art world as an art curator.  She not only looked after the largest art collection in the world but also created it for Absa. After she retired, she worked with the Sasol art collection and played a role in Telkom’s art collection.

Looking after beautiful paintings and buying them, cannot leave you untouched. It becomes so part of you and you get inspired by beauty, design and creativity.

Cecile started after hours with corporate gifting, making opulent boxes and decorating them to create a truly unique experience for her clients. The gift had to look beautiful, to inspire you to open it and you had to feel appreciated and special, like a queen.

Her business developed into hand lotions, liquid soaps and many more articles but with all of these objects everything must be special for the buyer.

Many hours of planning, creating something different went into the development of our products. We have a variety of products specially created for everybody’s taste and budget but the key element must be to feel special and appreciated. 

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